Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Remembering The Prep Days...

May 27, I landed at IIMA for the preparatory program. There were 17 people selected for the FPM program. The next 3 weeks were spent in developing communication skills (???), fundas of mathematics, managerial accounting (supposed to reduce our workload for the first term!) and computing skills... (this too… to reduce our first term workload!!)
The prep course was fun... it gave some idea about the pressures ahead … Some assignments were submitted... some presentations given… We are still awaiting the results of many of those assignments!

Our prep course was clubbed with the ABM students (Agri-business). This only added to the fun… We encountered some fun profs like Prof. T. Madhavan, Prof. Sanjay Verma, some fun TAs- all from the communication department.

High stress was given to developing communication skills... (meant more assignments, more work, etc.!) On the commencement of the first term, we all realized that all that, was valuable time lost. At least I'm not utilizing even 5 % of the communication skills ‘developed’.
We also had an outing to a resort to unwind ourselves for the weekend.

We had a gap of 4 days between the end of the prep course and the start of the first term. I chose not 2 go home so that I cud cover up some more ground and be better prepared for the first term. But those 4 days were spent sleeping… sleeping... and more sleeping!

So, I was better prepared in terms of sleep for the first term!!