Sunday, October 7, 2007

Of Summer Placements, CV Points & CGPA!

As the second term kicks into full speed, summer placements also come a lot closer for all the PGPs ... The process of getting their CVs ready to get a lucrative placement begins... This increases the quest for 'CV points'. This quest makes them unearth every significant and/or insignificant moment in life and convert that into 'CV points'. Entry to 'prestigious' clubs, participation in games conducted by corporates, etc. are all included driven by this sole purpose. Conducting interviews to get into the clubs is just the icing on the cake for these brownie point earners!!!! A club participation should be solely based on a person's interest to work for the club's objectives.

Simply put - Generally, a PGP will do almost anything to garner a CV point!!!!! Somehow, I feel happy that I am not one of them. In this cut-throat competition for CV points, I would surely not have survived.

IIMA stresses a lot on maintaining ethical standards. In fact, the institute goes to great lengths to try and "drive home" these principles. But in an institution training people to squeeze out every paisa from the consumer, these efforts fall flat. Most of the participants here are driven by the fatness of the pay packet obtained at the end of the 2 years and ethics, as expected, take a beating in the process. People crib for sub-grade increase in papers following subjective evaluation, they try their best to take shortcuts during quizzes and follow many such practices to gain that additional edge. Discipline, especially with regards to coming to the classroom in time for the session, is a long lost attribute. Making professors wait for students, to begin their sessions, is the ultimate disrespect. CEOs of companies, for which these people will work after completion of their course, take appointments of many of these professors to meet them, and this is the response that the profs get from their own students.
Somehow, the respect I had for IIMA grads has reduced over the last 4 months. This is not at all what I expected from the top ranked B-school. I hope I see IIMA in a new light when I embark upon my second year... Till that time, I ll continue with my opinions on the PGP programme...


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glad to know that you are maintaining a blog.So you first year is going well.

Jay said...

It was a terrific experience to have come across your posts and read them. I think we observe somethings in common. I had also written on similar lines (as quoted below from one of your posts) in one of my earlier posts!

"...try their best to take shortcuts during quizzes and follow many such practices to gain that additional edge."

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