Sunday, September 9, 2007

End Term Preparations

It is thought that after mid-terms, students lose interest and become more lax in their approach to the programme here. I initially thought this will surely not happen with me. But the pre-mid terms are so taxing on one's mental ability that the inevitable happens.

One of my fav subjects of the pre -mid-terms was Economics... highly logical, easy to understand and grasp and with interesting concepts. I was in touch with Eco throughout pre-mid-term. Post mid-term, a day before the exams, I actually tried to find out what I should study for the end terms. A break after the mid-terms is desperately needed to maintain the intensity in the students and also the usefulness of the sessions.

So here I am, at 3 in the morning, tired of studying Eco and accounting, writing a blog...

Tomorrow's day is going to b even longer... trying to study operations management... one critical course for me as regards my core subject... so, gotta sleep now... get some energy for the next day.

I'll continue my recounting of the first term experience sharing some very memorable incidents in class... later...