Monday, September 10, 2007

End Terms!!!!

6 hrs before the first end term exam...
Exam tensions have decreased manifold after the mid-terms... Everyone says that the 'give up' attitude creeps in after the mid term results are announced... But, I don't think so... me thinks it's just the fatigue factor... Lotsa studies in the pre-mid-term sessions have effectively drained almost all of our resources and reserves.

Tomorrow's exam... (I mean today's!!!) is somewhere related to Operations Management...
Tried to study for the exam... but found there is no definitive answer to any question nor is there a definitive question for any answer... so, after racking our brains on the old question papers (which somehow seem totally brand new when you try to solve them!) we finally decided to chill out and watch Andaaz Apna Apna!!! That was the best part of the preparation.

The other exam is WAC (will be explained later) which is whackier than any subject I've ever come across... The lesser the time you devote to it, the better your grades would be! My future blog posts would shed some more light on this whacky experience!!

So... it's time for me to sleep... and prepare to tackle tomorrow's bouncers...