Friday, November 25, 2011

The way ahead - India!!!

As I undertake the journey from Madrid to Barcelona by bus (lots of idiocy included in it), I have the luxury of some free time. And as I look around the scenic countryside, my thoughts wander to the India list. On my conversations with the people I have met on this trip, I have painted a very beautiful picture of India. A picture filled with colors, history and natural beauty. At the same time it got me thinking as to what all I myself have done in India and what I should do! I have travelled quite a bit around India but still a lot remains to be seen and done. So, here goes my Indian list. The Indian list is a little less demanding in terms of finance and even in terms of time needed, which makes me wonder why I have held myself back for so long!! The preferences are in no particular order.

a) Kashmir, the valley, Dal lake, valley of flowers, etc.
b) The Golden temple at Amritsar
c) Taj Mahal on a full moon night
d) White water rafting at Hrishikesh or Dandeli
e) Benares on one of the holy days just to see what the hype is about!!
f) Night safari on Jim Corbett sanctuary
g) Khajuraho temple
h) Backpack across the North east.
i) Week in Sikkim
j) Drive along the Konkan coast (from Mumbai to Goa) stopping at the beautiful         locations on the way
k) Jog falls at full flow
l) Three days in Hampi
m) Hoggenakal waterfalls
n) Konark Temple
o) Andaman & Nicobar Islands
p) Lakshwadeep Islands
q) Athirapally waterfalls
r) Dussehra at Mysore Palace
s) Munnar
t) Trek across Ladakh and Leh
u) Backwaters in Kerala

As expected, this list is bigger than the world one, probably because I know much more about India than the world!! Most of the trips mentioned above would just need to be planned a month in advance and a weekend to cover. No wonder then that it still surprises me as to why I haven't done them, atleast the easy ones. I need to start striking them off my list, and soon!!