Thursday, November 24, 2011

On the road... And the way ahead...

Catching a small break in my Europe tour. I am half way throught my tour and the entire trip has been a refreshing experience.The places have obviously been unique but the people I have met on the trip have made it really worthwhile. I had a small list of places-to-visit and things-to-do, and this trip has added to the list. It feels lovely talking to new people and learning more about the world from them.

A new country, a new place makes you think as to why things are the way they are there and why not in my country. Being in Europe and interacting with people here has made me realize that its much more to do about people along with the systems in place rather than the systems alone. Hmmm, about that topic, I better reserve another blogpost!!!

As to the list, there are many places that appeal to you. Some may be coz of just the appeal of the region, some coz of the physical challenges,  and some coz they just seem thrilling!!! Thats why every person would have a really different list!!

Here goes the tiny list. I am not addding anything from India here. And it is definitely a long one as well

a) Trek to Mount Everest base camp
b) A liesurely trip to Newzealand
c) MachuPicchu
d) A fortnight in Egypt.
e) Hike through a forest region to the top of a peak
f) Climb to the crater of a volcanic peak.
g) Angkor Wat
h) Drive a 400+ bhp car at over 250 kmph on the Autobahn
i) Travel to an icy region to see polar bears.
j) Scuba diving among the coral reefs.
k) Sky diving

Of these, many are restricted as of now coz of me being a student and many coz of physical constraints!!! But I am gonna be doing everything I can from now on to do all this. Life would have been worth it if I am able to do this! I will put up the Indian list soon as well. And ofcourse, both lists are subject to changes as and when I meet more people.

I know tha the list looks too ambitious. And I am pretty sure that for most of these trips, it would be me alone!! But I have loved traveling alone and I wouldnt mind doing it for all of the trips!!!

Thats it for now, cya all later!!!

P.S. Had written this on my way to Madrid but found the means to post it only now!! Not a big deal!


sheel said...

Nice.. kyunki ZNMD :)
btw.. u missed phuket :P

Harish Rao said...

Phuket is a place-to-go for diferent reasons. Not in the to-do list as well coz its just a matter of finding time for it!

Surya Murali said...

Item D in the to-do list... hmmm... Figures in mine too.
But, I cannot do it ever... That would always remain a dream.
And so would a visit to Diu in India... Can never ever happen.