Saturday, November 26, 2011

Do you really travel??? Wanna try something different?

Travelling to a new destination is always supposed to be different, different from what we have done before and different from what we have seen. But do we really do anything different? Its always a list of locations to see and sites to be clicked at. Only the location varies. How much of the destination do we really see? How much ofnthe place are we able to really take in? On my trip so far, I would say very little. A few chalked out locations of the city and that is it. Surely, I havent really explored the city. And in the limited time that one has as a tourist, it isn't even possible. But I have tried and succeeded a little coz of the help from the people that I have met.

So, setting the world list, or for that matter even the India list aside, how can one explore a destination, or a region? I, for one, would love to just rent a car and drive around. Drive around the region, stop at random locations, and try and see if I am able to take in the culture of the place. Let alone foreign locales, I havent done it even in India. It has always been a destination, very rarely the road. The travel part is also enjoyed, but not in a sense that I am trying to put across now.

So, as another must-do, I would like to do a road trip everywhere. But let me start with India. A week long road trip, with some markers on the way so that the road trip lasts only a week!! A little planning won't be bad as long as it is flexible. As of now, I don't know when and where. But if you want in, just drop me a message and we shall try and plan something!! If not a week, maybe four or five days, flexibility being the key. And it would help a lot if you could drive a little!!!